Banc d’Arras en fer forgé ​XIXème, modèle au sabot 

longueur 1m60, hauteur 81cm,profondeur 67cm

19th century wrought iron bench from Arras, "hoof" model. The French city of Arras was in the 19th century the main place for garden furniture - like Limoges for porcelain -, with companies like Grassin or Saint-Sauveur d'Arras, until they were all destroyed during WWI.  These pieces of furniture, becoming rare, are in high demand nowadays.
Length 160 cm - 63 in,Height 81 cm - 32 in,Depth 67 cm - 26.5 in

as  en fer forgé XIXème modèle au sabot

longueur 1m60,profondeur 67cm, hauteur 81cm

Wrought iron "Arras" bench, hoof model, from 19th century. "Arras" wrought iron garden furniture was in the 19th century, and until WWI, the "crème-de-la-crème", with two distinctive features, the hoof and the lion paw legs. 
Length 160 cm (63 in),Depth 67 cm (23.5 in),Height 81 cm (32 in)